40 to 40 | Day #2 [Alex Erby]

40 to 40 | Day #2 [Alex Erby]


40 to 40

“Alex Erby”

A teenager breaks into the JL Francis recreation center and steals a basketball and a boombox with 2 of his friends. This man right here [Alex Erby] got word on who the teenager was and went to his house to question him. The teenager was humiliated after being busted and knew he was gonna have to deal with the consequences. Alex Erby heard that the kid wanted to be a DJ so instead of getting the police involved he gave the young man an opportunity to DJ at that same recreation center for the Friday Night dances [to make up for his wrong doing]. Mr. Erby giving that kid a second chance might have saved his life. That kid grew up to be a well known DJ. Today, that same DJ says “Thank You Mr. Erby”. I am forever grateful.  #LB40to40#JLFrancis #BroadRock