Ready To Live




Have you ever been given a second chance?  Maybe you messed up in a relationship but you were given a chance to reevaluate your actions in order to see what could be done to make it better.  Maybe you did something wrong on your job, but instead of letting you go, they gave you a warning and an opportunity to correct your error.  On May 22, 2013, my doctor told me that I had cancer.  On my follow up visit on May 31st and soon after my operation, he told me that the cancer was gone.  It’s safe to say, I feel like God has blessed me with a second chance at life.

Everyone will not be given a warning or a second chance, so I feel like it’s my responsibility to remind those who are willing to listen that now is the time to take control of your life.  Don’t wait until your relationship is on its last leg to want to make it better.  Don’t wait until you hear that your employer is about to start laying people off, at work, before trying to figure out what you can do to make yourself more valuable to the organization.  Don’t wait until you feel like you’re about to die before you are, “Ready To Live”.

READY TO LIVE is my movement.  Our Mission is to promote the enrichment of our communities by utilizing the influences of hip-hop culture to develop effective and creative programs for individuals and families.  We are focused on making healthy life choices, understanding the importance of family support and consistent reflection for growth.  For more info on my story and my vision, check out the Ready To Live video in the media section.  If you know that you are doing something to enrich your quality of life, be sure to use the hashtag #ImReadyToLive.

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