Made In Virginia…

Made In Virginia…

2014-12-31 02.46.00

I remember around early 2013, sitting in Skillz’s car as he was telling me about an album he was working on with the legendary producer Bink. After a quick run down of his plan, he started playing tracks that he wanted to use for his project. All of them were fire but there was this one track that I loved. I could not believe that Bink used a sample from Musiq’s song “Beautiful”  and turned it into a Hip Hop track.  After hearing that track, every time someone would ask me “What’s Up With Your Man Skillz?”, I’d answer “He’s working on his new project and he got this one track that samples Musiq Soulchild…MY GOD!!”

Months and Months passed and around that time I was mentally caught up with the thought of having Cancer. I spent most of my days in the bed, surfing the Internet,looking at forums that shared stories of other Cancer victims. One day I noticed an email from Skillz titled “Work Your Magic”.  He had found a track that he wanted me to rap on.  When I hit play, it was the “Musiq Soulchild Track”.

Concept, write a verse about Virginia as if she was a female. So at that moment I was thinking “Cancer, Death & Female”.  What came out creatively was a conversation with a female that I love and I dedicated my life to during a time that I felt like my life was expiring.


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